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this appeared in our new garden a few days ago and we dont know if its a weed or plant. can anyone help us identify it


P.s sorry if its obvious, i'm a very new gardener!

Oh no! Thats not what i want to hear, but thank you for the reply calendula Will get to removing it ASAP or try to anyway ...


Bumped this back up so folks can advise Newbie 2014 


Bumped back up.



Moved back up.


Cut it down and burn on site.

do NOT put in bin or compost heap.

Treat any regrowth with glyphosate weedkiller several times.


hi newbie,

suggest have a look at other thread "unknown plant" by Dlearious for some advice.

good luck


thank you so much for all your help I have ordered some Scotts Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller (glyphosate) from amazon which will arrive tomorrow...and then we will get to work removing, burning and hopefully destroying!!

thanks again 

Green Fingered Mikey
Definitely Japanese knot weed, we have been trying to kill a lot of this at an old grave site on volunteers work its a nightmare a few weeks ago our team leader treated clumps of the weed with some special killer (I will ask him what he used when I see him next) he works for our local council so he would of used high strenght stuff put it this way only he is allowed to use as he is certificatly qualified,
You can see the dead jkw on my volunteer post, all of jkw was dead when we were there last week appart from one new 4 inch shoot we are back there next wednesday with fingers crossed no more new shoots.I hope you manage to get rid of it ok and your lucky there is not much to get rid of.

Inform the council....see if they can offer anything.  

You will need to use super strength glyphosate, not the ordinary kind.


Also check that it didn't come from under the fence from next door. If so, warn them to get rid of it, otherwise it might come back.

I have noticed this weed in my garden.  Spoke to my neighbour about it as he has a lot of it in his garden.  He said he has had it for 30+ years, and its low on his priority of things to sort!  Would like some advise on what should be my next steps?

Thomas Wilkinson2

Can anyone tell me why the Japanese knot weed is so hated? may sound like a silly question... Is it just a thug that takes over space? does it never look good? 

Busy Bee2

Yes, that's about the size of it.  And it has an asbo!  In other words, there are laws about what to do if you get it which mean that you have to deal with it, and it will make a property almost unsaleable if you want to move, unless dealt with, and if you do nothing about it, your neighbours could sue you if it went to their gardens, which it would.  That sort of thing, so regardless of how it looks, and obviously people in Victorian times did think it looked good, which is why they brought it over here and grew it, you can't let it grow in your garden.  In Japan there are natural checks on its spread in the form of insects and diseases, and things that eat it, but here there are no such 'predators' for it, so it goes mad.


Hi i found cheap tool via ebay a japanese knotweed injector iv used it for about a month and iv had excellent results i highly recommend it , its about £99 bargain as most knotweed companies wanted £2000 to treat. it injects right into the stem saving all my other plants in the garden!


I'd wait more than a month before declaring victory over JKW

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