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Help to ID a fairly common plant please?

I see this plant everywhere, it looks a little like a hosta...

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Hello all.

I wonder if anyone can help me ID this fairly common plant.  It looks a little like a hosta in the fact that its about the same height and that it seems to like shade and spreads in a similar fashion.

It has kind of scalloped deep green leaves that are fairly chunky and nice and shiny.  It shoots up stems of little pink flowers that are slightly like a large hyacinth.

I do have a pic, but am currently unable to upload. I wonder if anyone can solve my clues...?



Sounds exactly like the hosta you seem to think it isn't - why do you not think it is a hosta?  Do have another go with a picture if you can, does help a great deal. 

Yes!  Thats the one!  Thanks loads, you are super!

I knew someone would get it in a flash. 

thanks again x


Certainly sounds like a Bergenia - especially if it is flowering now.  Too early for Hostas I'd imagine


aha, I did not realise it was flowering now - a bergenia indeed - much prefer hostas personally!


quite right too Bookertoo. tee hee.


Steve,  I posted the pic from the internet to help the original poster decide if that was the correct plant 

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