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first I would like to say hello to all on this forum and that I have today joined up for advice and maybe to share some advice at a later date as I become more proficient at gardening..I have recently started a vegetable plot and have sown amongst other veg some Purple sprouting broccoli...

As it was growing and not knowing what it would look like being new to veg growing,this rather large leaf plant has come up and I did notice the other night that it had a white flower coming out and there are some more buds arriving..

The trunk is quite thick as well so I do not know if its a veg or a rogue flower seed that got into the packet..there are 2 of these plants growing and any useful help to identify them would be much appreciated..thanks and good gardening to you




Hello zeth, welcome to the forum ... tell me please, was the flower conical, like the business end of a trumpet?

The leaves remind me of thornapple (datura stramonium).

I could be wrong though.


Hi Zeth, welcome. It does look like a thorm apple, don't get it mixed up with the veg, it's poisonous. Send us a flower pic sometime to confirm. If you get to the large, thorny seed pods stage you won't need further confirmation

thanks for the replies I should think you are both right..I will post a photo when I get a new flower..the last on blew away at night but it was a trumpet shape..should I now pull the 2 plants out as they are of no use..?strongEO9E6QAF


putting them out or not is up to you, zeth. you can't eat them (please don't ) But they're quite interesting with their prickly seed cases.


They are no use for eating, but I think they are fine ornamentals if they can be kept away from children and (probably) livestock.

Disposal is probably advised though; wear gloves when you pull them or dig them out and put the plants in your dustbin, do not burn or compost them. This might be over the top but you and yours must stay safe; ingesting any part of the plant will cause delirium, ingesting a little more can kill.

There is a wealth of information about this plant on the web; if you wish, you could do some research and find out a little about your unexpected guest. If you are wondering how it reached you, its seeds can lay dormant for years so you probably activated them when creating your garden. How the seeds actually reached your garden, I cannot say.

I am surprised no-one else on the forum has tried to identify this plant, but it is not really that common even though it is widespread. In fact, two or three have just surfaced in my garden where they will stay until I tire of them.



PeterE17 wrote (see)

I am surprised no-one else on the forum has tried to identify this plant, but it is not really that common even though it is widespread. In fact, two or three have just surfaced in my garden where they will stay until I tire of them.

I'm sure your right Peter, I expect the other IDers are as well.

none of these have cropped up in my garden this year, I think they originally came as seeds in a bag of compost, one or two cropped up on to many seed trays for it to be a coincidence





I agree that they are a good looking plant I love the leaves..but now its a question of wrong place for you say must have been acticated by me digging over for my veg plot..thanks again you two for great advice good gardening to


I agree it certainly sounds like Datura. The brugmansia relative is very pretty , but the fumes from the flowers are apparently hallucinogenic.

Datura stramonium seeds are the most toxic part. Certainly if you have kids I would remove the spent flower heads and not let it seed.

Hi everyone! I am so glad I was trolling through. I am new too and needed to ask about the exact same plant, mine has had nice white trumpet flowers and now has thick prickly seed pods. It's a good looking plant but I think it may have to go.

Thanks for tthe info everyone.

fidgetbones, I'm not sure that the scent of the brugmansia would be enough to "trip you out" because it is used to attract pollinators which the plant does not want to harm. I might do some more web research on this topic later on, because it is an oft-repeated story, good for sensational journalism. There are some well argued comments in this thread from University of British Columbia about the safety of brugmansia.

Dorifish, welcome to the forum, thanks for your comment. You certainly have a datura growing so be safe whether you decide to keep it or destroy it.


My brugmansia never has, but then it is outside and not in a confined space in a conservatory.  Just an oft repeated story when there is no news.....


I think that's where the stories of it's hallucinogenic properties came from - Victorian ladies in Victorian conservatories !!!

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