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Hello there, okkkkkk I think I have sown too many seeds. HELP. Have planted some plants along with lettuce in my plastic greenhouse (I am a first timer at this green fingered shenanigan) but have put several seeds in one tub. Will this stop the growth?

I only sowed them last night. Is it too late to half each cell of my multi tray and split them?


Seeds of what? How far apart?

Lettuce and various flowers. Maybe 10-15 per section. Would it be safe to solit them as I only sowed them last night?



Sounds like too many in each cell. 3 or 4 seeds per cell would be adequate , otherwise you spend too long pricking them out or thinning.

Thank you Fidgetbones. I will go and separate them. So instead of one tray with 24 cells I will have two trays instead. I will see what happens from there. Watch this space ...

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