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I have sown cerinthe seeds for the first time.  These are now ready for planting out.  My question is this:-  should I group them together in twos or threes or should they be planted singly?


I think I'd put them in groups, mine just come up where they feel like it but they look better if there's more than one. Not a lot this year, perhaps I should have saved seed and done the job properly.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Mine have now desrted the bed I planted them in and have migrated to the gravel drive alongside.


I tend to grow them in a large pot, en masse, just outside the back door, as, although I do love them, I don't want them to seed around too much.  I think all that type of plant looks better in a group.  The bees (when they dare get out of their hives) adore cerinthe. 

I leave them in a group. Every year they self seed but i dont mind as they are so pretty. I get a lot of people stop and look in my garden and if im out there they always ask what they are. What we need are bees



Hear hear - but if you were a bee would you come out int he current hail?


Thanks everyone for your help.  Glad to know about the bees liking them as I am a beekeeper and they need all the help they can get at the moment.  And no - Bookertoo - they dont come out in this weather although as soon as the sun shines they are out in force.

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