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 Hi Can anyone help with identifying this plant please, I am in Afghanistan and have a small garden in our compound. This started to grow and we have looked over the internet to find out what it is but are really stumped, Any help please

Some sort of eryngium (sea holly) maybe?  Foliage does look right for one, and they are spiny guys, but I'm only familiar with frost hardy types, and depending on where u are over there it may or may not be hardy.. I'd google eryngium images and see if you recognise what comes up. Also, let it grow on a bit. If it flowers, u'll be able to identify it much more easily. I love it when stuff pops up like that!


Thanks, I am in Kabul so would be the hardy type as it gets down to -18 degrees over the winter and mid to high 40s in the summer.

Yes agree, very interesting growing over here as you just never know whats gonigto grow.

 Here is another pic taken this morning.


Yep, definitely an eryngium. Tough as old boots so long as not waterlogged. I used to live in mainland China where temps are similar to what you're getting - takes some getting used to, doesn't it? Plants tend to be extremely tough as a result. I second the best wishes btw - stay safe and good gardening. xx

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With those vicious thorns on the leaves this is a more exotic plant than we get in UK.

I do not think it is Eryngium.

Wait for flowers and please add new pics to this thread... that may really help.

I am not familiar with the weeds/plants  in your area

I wonder if it might  be Solanum sp.

Such as Solanum  mammosum. Time will tell.....



Wow that is sooo pretty

I don't know what it is but I dont think it is Miss Willmotts ghost - I grow this and it doesn't look like this. Some exotic weed of some type.


certainly isn't Miss Willmott's Ghost, I don't think it's any sort of eryngium, spines are in the wrong place. doubt if it's the solanum either.

Asking a local resident might be a good way forward.


the 2nd photo looks something like Acanthus spinosus spinosissimus group.. have a look at that one and see what you think...


could be salino, those big thorns seem to come off the stems though and i didn't think they did that.  haven't got that so can't go and look


I've got an  Acanthus spinosissimus but it doesn't look like that.

 I suspect we need a book on afghan weeds.


I suspect you're right fb



How about Silybum marianum. Found in that  area, and has first true leaves that are veined and roundish.


I know that one well fb, vicious when the time comes to remove it but it doesn't look like that

Well I STILL think its an eryngium. Some pics on google look awfully similar, incl spines in right place. There are tonnes of varieties, with widely differing foliage, and several are native and common to the area in question. Apparently some are edible or used medicinally. So i bet its well known locally if its wot i think it is. We call it sea holly, though few vrieties actually grow on coasts (not those in Afghanistan, obviously). Mostly a plant of open grassland or desert scrub. Anyway, i guess we'll havta wait and see wen it grows up a bit. Always difficult to identify such littlies. Hope it flowers this year and Budgieo remembers to put us out of our misery! I've learned sum new plant facts anyway...


No, sorry - I didn't mean it was Miss W's Ghost - I was just linking to a site that stated that  some eryngiums are native to that area - sorry, it was very early in the morning - I should have explained myself more clearly 

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