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Could someone help identify this shrub for me. It's underside is green and the front is a very dark green appearing brown from a distance.The flowers which are not fully out yet appear pink and in clusters.




Many Thanks.


Have you got a picture of the entire plant?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Agree with my hippy californian friend... I have this plant.


Not sure it is...Diablo has white flowers.  Are there different forms?


No idea but would like one like it with white flowers.

Lion S

Diabolo does have the white flowers, the reddish haze is there when the seedheads start to form. There's also a golden Physocarpus and one with brownish foliage which I don't like personally but hey, taste is a different matter. They all have white flowers. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I agree my Californian poppy, I have just checked out my Diablo and it looks just like the picture above. Verd. is right about the white flowers and now the extra benefit of the burnt umber, which looks great at the back of other lighter combinations.

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