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 Hi I need to identify this shrub,as I buy a lot of unusual plants I am normally very good at labeling this has slipped through the net I have had it 2 years and this is the 1st flower it has produced.Any suggestions will be much appreciated.



I'd say Calycanthus floridus

I think you are spot on thanks so much

I am pretty sure I bought it from Larch Cottage and they have Calicanthus floridus and Calicanthus floridus 'Michael Lindsay' so I will endeavour to decide which one thanks for the help.


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Not familiar with Calycanthus floridus Michael Lindsey... could be tricky trying work our which it is.


Quote from above...


'Michael Lindsey' - Very fragrant red-brown flowers. Habit is dense,   compact and rounded (6' to 10' tall). Excellent shiny, dark green foliage and   golden yellow fall color. Considered the finest red-flowered form.


I think it is almost impossible as they are so similar and the only problem with Larch Cottage is they do not have your past orders for you to see.I have been lopping bits of the shrub all year as it was getting a bit big and not knowing what it was I thought to keep it under control and I am now guessing I have taken the flowering stems of,so will be much more prudent in future.


I had the species, I grew it from seed but never got it to flower. Maybe I should have had more patience but eventually I dumped it for something else

This plant was small in March 2012 when it went in and last year grew slowly this year however it has doubled in size and now I know a lot more about it thanks to everyones input I can do some selective pruning.


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