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I'm new to gardening and it's fast becoming my favourite pastime. I've just brought my first Sweet pea plugs and am after advice to plant them. I have cans, in a great sunny spot, but when I look at the plants in the tray they are very spindly plants. Should I plant two or three stems together around the pole or just stick to one plant? Any advice or growing tips gratefully received. 



Im my opinion they would look odd just one plant per pole per pot - is that what you are planning? If your containers are big enough I would create a wigwam of at least three poles and then plant one at the base of each pole - pinching out the top to help it develop more climbing stems.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Pick ALL the flowers once a week to keep plants flowering, and don't let them dry out or the base will turn a nasty brown  colour. Don't let any seeds form or flowering will stop. Hope this helps.

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