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Solomon's seal and dicentra, better known as bleeding heart, also hostas grow well in my shady part of the garden. Spring bulbs do well there, lungwort seeds everywhere so is obviously very happy! Ferns of all sorts will thrive. Enjoy!

i have a not dissimilar (though not same ) quandry,sorry for butting in..we have a north facing fence, along it there's a very healthy hydrangea petiolaris 2 so far unknown roses ( totally guessing but from leaves and habit may be ramblers) and 2 jasmine,all except hydrangea bare for 3 feet at bottom, though all good higher up,want to plant 2 climbers to cover a new arch in this corner, they'll have to be in large pots as annoying manhole cover one side,would like clematis and or honeysuckle, any advice?

fotgot to say a chap overheard me asking at garden centre yesterday ( chap who worked there v dismissive and negative)..other customer said try a cherry tree on dwarf root stock,anybody any advice?

I have a similar bit in my garden, but it does get an amount of afternoon sun in the summer.  clematis does well, if the upper bits get some sun.  honeysuckle is very tolerant, but i think it flowers better if it has some sun.  

heucheras do well.  lily of the valley, foxgloves and the wood anenome.  also crocuses in the spring.  

in my damp shady border I have hartstongue fern (normal and frilly-edged version) sarcococca, geranium phaeum, Bowles golden grass, carex pendula (hostile conditions appear to keep it under control here), Arum italicum pictum (again has behaved itself) and on the fringes of the shade a couple of thalictrums aquilegiifolium and flavum, primroses, pulmonaria and stylophorum diphyllum (easy from seed)

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