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Can anyone please tell me the name of the yellow flowering plant which is trailing over garden walls everywhere at the moment? The best description I can give is that it looks like a bright yellow alyssum. 

Every year when I see it in flower I try to buy some, but have never been able to find any. Hoping someone can help!


probably is an alyssum Rita. Alyssum saxatile, aka Aurinia saxatilis.

very yellow and out about now

Many thanks for your swift response and the information! The plants I've seen look well established -  is the Alyssum Saxatile a perennial?


Yes, and it can become a ferocious weed in the garden - most things that look gorgeous hanging over peoples walls do.  You need to clip it hard after flowering to prevent it seeding around every where.  Other than that, it is a well loved and useful alpine plant.  Available most garden centres around now. 

Thank you so much for your help - it's nice to know there are people around who are so willing to share their knowledge with an amatuer like me.

Am off to the garden centre tomorrow - wish me luck!



I think the best thing you can do at a garden centre, is take the amount of cash you are willing to spend, and leave the credit / debit card at home!!!  This is from  someone who accpmanied a friend yesterday, had no intention of buying anything and spent £50+!! Ooops.


Been there, done Though it was only a tin of paint. Amazing what they sell at Garden Centres these days. Boss had just reminded me, we also bought a loaf of special bread. I was good, no plants..........this time.


Wot  - no plants? Go back at once ................


Not from that place...........They wanted £9.99 for a plant I bought elsewhere for £4.50 and they were selling at £6.99 plants I have just spent hours digging out and composting.

To be honest we only go because they have a decent car-park and toilet.


Yes, it can be amazing the prices some places charge for plants - they always seem to be the ones that have the better non plant facilites too!  One not  a great distance from us charges £9.99 for the so called 'black grass' which I give away in clumps as it roots so easily - maybe I should open a stall at the door!


Any place that even mentions grass in relation to Ophiopogon is out as far as I'm concerned.

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