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My helychryssum limelight looks very good & I want to make sure it survives over winter. It's in a large pot & sheltered by large evergreen bushes on the back patio. I do live by the sea on the Forth but it is sheltered.

Hello Katemac - I take cuttings every year from my Helichrysum Limelight -now is a good time  Do you have a greenhouse ? If not I am sure they would be o.k on a windowsill.I have never tried to overwinter a big plant as I just don't have the room in my greenhouse.You could wrap the pot in some bubble wrap around the pot to keep the roots warm in really cold snaps and use fleece to cover the plant. I would still suggest you take some cuttings though

This is my tray of cuttings - I am very greedy A pot of cuttings would be good

Pam LL x

Thank you! I took some cuttings today and they are in my propagater on the window sill in the conservatory - no direct sun. I'll put them in the shed - which does have windows - once they are rooted. Yours look very good - I think I'll do more tomorrow!
Katemac, the big danger is wet. Do you have a greenhouse? Or, piece of glass ...weighted down of course......suspended over the top. I do this for some things. Or, as lilyloiuse says wrap pot and fleece top. In spring cut it back fairly hard
I think I'll put it in the shed & if it doesn't work hopefully the cuttings will work. Thank you!

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