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Dreamsofspring. Heucheras are woody things and naturally try to grow out of the ground ....that's why you plant them deeply. Most plants would not like that

I was hoping that Heuchers might be useful to provide winter colour in plant pots over the winter. Am I being too ambitious or even deluded?

Hiya scottcake

Neither too ambitious nor deluded.  Could I suggest you use John innes compost though?  Two reasons....firstly Heucheras like good soil.  Secondly vine weevils......their arch enemy.....prefer mpc.  I would also top dress with grit as an additional deterrent to vine weevil


Scottcake I had some in pots last winter as I was between houses. They grew really well and needed very little attention. Split them and repotted them once I'd moved end of February then  planted them out in the spring. Mine were all tiny little seedlings collected from some steps at work just over a year ago. All good big plants now 

PMP Survivor

I collected the tiny seed last year then planted them in Feb 2014 and currently got 100s of tiny plants of various colours. The reddish leaved ones are growing fast but the yellow leaved ones are still tiny but finally getting there 2nd leaves. I'm looking forward to seeing some new crosses and possibly new colours.



I'm a big fan of heuchera, most of the ones i have originated from terra nova in the US and i tend to stick to their planting guidelines. 

Here's a list of some of the ones i grow and where i have them.

Lime Marmalade - in damp shady clay does very well.

Berry smoothy - also in the damp shady clay, also does well tends to die down more than the lime ones do.

Delta Dawn - full sun, dryish site doing well.

Marmalade - full sun, well drained - prolific

Ginger Peach - full sun, well drained prolific (very similar to marmalade)

Midnight Rose - full sun, well drained doing well.


Emma Crawforth,

I am intrigued to know what / where is the H section? 

(we made a point of vigilantly checking the 'h' section at certain times of year. 


I gave up with them in last garden due to vine weevil. I wonder with heavier clay soil they might do better on the sandy soil in the last garden.

What do you think Verdun?

Replying to those who have Heuchera problems. I grow all mine in tubs with a good soft compost. The tubs are placed together and give a great show for most of the year. In the spring they cam easily be split and replanted. They then grow quite quickly in to larger tufts, blooms in plenty, all through the summer months, until late autumn. 

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