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I just adore heucheras particularly the dark red varieties but I cannot get them to grow. I have spent a fortune in the hopes that they will do well.  I drool with envy when I see them in other gardens so can anyone give me some tips please.  I will be forever grateful.  Thanks


Alina W

What sort of soil and aspect have you tried growing them on so far?


they seem to like shade /dapple shade and free draining.. well in my garden they do. they do not do well in full sun here.

Thanks for your replies.

I have tried them in compost enriched soil in full sun and semi shade although perhaps I should have been more generous with the compost.  They seem to be ok for a bit and then they just don't thrive (become spindly)and I end up pulling them out. Are they very thirsty plants? Mybe I dont water them enough

Alina W

They are thirsty, yes. Many of them also seem to do better in more shade than you might expect.


I have several in different parts of the garden and they all seem to be ok wether in sun or shade. They do tend to lift themselves out of the garden as they get older, so before I bury them back in I always take a piece off and stick it somewhere else. Never failed to come on yet.

Hello Everyone.   Thanks for your ideas. Based on Lorelei's ideas, is it a good idea to  bury them deeper than usual perhaps if they have a tendency to lift out of the ground? 

I dont know wether it would make any difference as this seems to be 'what they do ' Might be worth a go tho. My soil is clay, but have mixed in lots of spent compost over the years, also never water them any more than anything else in the garden and they seem to thrive. Good luck.


With me the plants with dark coloured leaves do best planted in the garden (soil quite heavy, lightened with peat and garden compost!)

The light coloured leaves do best in pots or tubs!

They have not been so colourful or grown well this season, I think the rain and dull days have done for them so far!

The biggest problem is vine weavil, none of the so called "EXPENSIVE" vine weavil insecticides are any use what so ever!l

All mine are dark leaved and in the garden. I want to get a couple of the one called Marmalade, it looks lovely in a mag I bought. Maybe I will try them in a pot. Is your vine weavil aproblem just in the pots, or in the ground as well ?

I started all my heucheras in pots, in full sun, on the patio. They have done very well indeed and are flowering away very freely. They are thirsty though, so in pots you do need to keep an eye on them. I only plant them in the garden in their second year, and they seem to love this treatment. Mine are a dark red variety, although I forget exactly which. Make sure to give them a good feed at the beginning of the season and they will do well enough.

The yellow varieties seem to be weak growers and temperamental on my light soil. I try watering well, adding good compost etc but they do seem to sulk. I can grow the red foliage sorts very well but use other nematodes or vine weevil killer in early spring


No in the garden as well but is worse in either pots and tubs!

Chris no 2

Yes I find the yellow varieties hard to deal with,they die very easily!

Have found this season that it has been hard to increase the stock as very few threw any young shoots so far!

Have just come back after a day out visiting three garden centres, and all of them had really rubbishy heucheras for sale, some a disgrace really!

Also all had other plants for sale at 50% off, they were not worth 50 pence most of them!

The garden centres do themselves a disservice in offering rubbish like they do!

If when the plants started to go off they were to offer them cheaply, instead of waiting to they were only fit for the compost heap, they might get a few more sold!

Heucheras --- my favourite plant.
I started growing these quite colourful plants a few years ago,
I found them easy to grow, the lighter colour ones seem to do better in semi-shade, the darker, manage some sun, if small, start them off in a pot in shade, keep moist, not to wet, as they start to grow,feed them with a general fertilizer, the flowers are loved by Bees, watch out for the Vine Weevil grubs,these dreadful insects can cause such fatalities , they eat the roots,the results dont always show for some time,i usually use Vine Weevil earth soak, The plants can take some time to take off, so easy does it.
Another thing to know, they are very easy to propagate . so try and enjoy.

Wow loads more replies!  Thanks everyone. Have been busy in the garden these last few days as summer seems to have arrived at last and I have felt too exhausted to spend time on the pc afterwards so missed all your replies. Sooooo much catching up to do.

I will bear all your ideas in mind when I come to buy heucheras in the future.  I am determined to win the battle but I am obviously going to have to be careful as we ahve vine weevils in the front garden and as yet I need to try and obliterate them there. 

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