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Hiya nut, ??ou are right about growing what grows well for you.. Perhaps growing another variety will redeem the Heuchera family!

It's a bit on the dry side here is that one of the problems

Plantagogo have great plants. Just ask them for advice on what variteies grow well in your conditions. They hold the National Collection (Plant Heritage) so they are the experts and very helpful


Thanks greenjude. The collection holders arealways good with advice in my experience.

Here is an older blug of some of my Heucheras I had and some still have .


Heucheras don't like dry and poor soil. I'm still learning, stil experimenting and always testing my plants.
Best wisdom is that learned by personal experience eventually....realising the different micro climates in your own garden. Often a struggling plant will thrive if moved just a short distance...try it

True Verdun. When I think of the things I lost in the first few years here. Why did I put them where I did? But now I know which areas of garden are very dry, which have had plaster and similar dumped on them and which are subsoil. I don't lose so much now. 

micro climates keep changing. We had some very large willows but due to proximity of road and power lines they are no more. They offered a lot of shelter. My choisyas now brown off at the tips in winter and real shade lovers don't do so well

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