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Just sent an order to Plantagogo.

Ooo! Lovely, which one have you ordered, mine havent taken too well to the cold winds i am hoping they will recover.
Lyn, ??ou pinched my own words.
Scotkat I have several varieties. ..some better than others. Heucheras can be temperamental and fussy. You may have t o try different spots for them til you get it tight. But lovely plants

I thought I'd lost mine this winter - but today I noticed signs of new leaves coming through - so maybe all is not lost !


I think i am just too exposed up here,Verdun, its not so much the high altitude (960') its the wind coming off the moor, my daughter lives in St Austell, its only about 35 miles from me, but its a different world, hers are lovely.
(Of topic) she went to Lanhydrock and apparantly the big magnolia is suffering a bit!


I have some in pots and others in the ground .


And an area with Brass Lantern Lavenders,Shanghai,Lavendar Brass Lavender ,Lavendaer then a hard fuchsia.Soler Eclipse,Rio and Paprika


Hiya Lynn
Prob so, magnolias won't have liked this weather much. Lanhydrock is further east than me and it's been very cold there this winter
Re Heucheras you may be right about exposure but some of he newer varieties are not too robust

Its really cold where I stay but have to say my heucheras grow well.


And my Magnolia in apot is in full bud.

Scotkkat, don't know those varieties. I had success with two varieties I bought that would not thrive in the ground yet have loved vpbeing in pots.
Chicky, Heucheras do tend to die down a bit and spring back about now. Mine are shooting, all is not lost, far from it
Did you buy all 4? They look lovely, mine are jut the plain dk mauve, cant think now what they are called...... raspberry something?

Lyn if you want pm and and I shall try to take cuttings of mine for you.


I have sent for 3 of them.

That is very kind of you, i will pm you tomorrow when i can use laptop. We can do a swap for something.
Scotkat, got mine from Heucheroholics.
I'm,send money on plants

Yes I have used them before to same price for plants.

If my local nurserie has I would buy to safe on postage as postage is £8.95

But I had already checked and they did nothave the ones I wanted.



I divided mine this autumn....but the dark leaved ones have that horrid orange spot fungus I've already lost three plants...I don't want to lose any more. I even moved the plants to a different area in the garden hoping to leave the fungus behind....but no.

If it gets to my heucherellas I'll cry.

You could try sprayng them with the anti fugus stuff you use on roses, it works on holly hock and roses,, i should think it will work on these.

How do you people keep these going. All I have left is a few Palace Purples

They need vine weevil treatment...Provado or nematodes. Don't use both. It's either or. Viine weevils are number one enemy.
They need splitting every couple of years and deep planting.
I remove all leaves in late winter and clean up the crowns then feed.
They mostly need partial shade and good soil
The yellows need more shade,
Paradoxically, nut, palace Purple old poor for me. It seems more vulnerable to sun scorch and disease.
Berry Smoothy, obsidian, plum pudding, marmalade, amongst others are excellent for me

Thanks Verdun. I wouldn't say PP is doing well. It's not dead. The only time I've identified the cause of death as vine weevil is when I've had them in pots. I might give then another go. I quite like them especially the red shades. But sometimes it's best to go with what grows well for you and there's plenty of things that do.