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I find I've lost some of my heucheras this year.  Even one I had in a very sheltered place.  Are the lime coloured ones more tender than some of the others?


I can't keep them ellie. I've had several over time and all I have now is one really sick looking Palace Purple. 


I dont think hardiness is an issue, but many of the newer types particularly the paler colours do not seem to live long. I have had some heucheras for many years. I split the regularly which seems to promote vigour. Other types I have tried only seem to last a season.


I have some Silver somethings with mottled purple foliage which survive everything the recent winters have thrown at them but they are in full sun in a slighty raised bed and have a low box hedge all round their bed so get protection from the worst of the easterly winds which are so freezing and dessicating.   

Others purpley ones in the garden do better or worse depending on how sheltered they are but none of the lime green, ambers, caramels, raspberry or very dark colours survive prolonged cold and damp.

Vine weevils are a problem for Heucheras.
Many of the yellow ones seem to be more difficult
Silver scrolls maybe obelixx?
Those looking to lack,vigour I,dig up, clean and split and replant


I grew a variety called Snowstorm once. Beautiful silver white foliage. I'll have to,check if it's stll available or had a name change.
Brumbull wrote (see)

Not heard of that one verdi ...

Brum-Is Verdun not content with his he composing now???(Verdi...get it?) Or is it just the Four Seasons.. I'd put my coat on but it's too hot for one!!

I really like that Silvery one in your pic Brum. That would brighten up my horrible fence -en masse in hanging troughs to hide it!

I feel a trip to the nursery coming on...

Pennine Petal
I think I might have lost my dark red one, but the ones with the creamy yellow flowers has survived.

I have a heuchera 'Shanghai', lovely purply/silver foliage and it has survived the winter in the garden looking good all the time, Now putting on new growth 

Fairygirl, yes I did compose the four seasons. I intended it to be five seasons but had a mental block

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