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derrick hammer

what are the flower spikes on heuchrea ? , do i need to leave them on, or cut them off


leave them on....and enjoy the pretty little flowers


Heucheras used to be grown for their flowers rather than their leaves as they are now.   The deep geen one with tall, deep red or coral flowers was, and indeed still is, one of my favourite flowers - we always call the flowers the 'firework flowers' as they leap up above everything else at this time of year.   I do not grow the multicoloured ones, but still try and get more of the red flowered ones, so indeed, no matter what colour they are, please do enjoy the flowers. 

Heuchera Saxifragaceae is grown for its flower spikes, I have one that is far older than I am it dates back from my fathers time and has been in at least six gardens as we moved on.
They like semi shade well drained area's and will slowly cover bare earth but in their own time. I cut a piece of the stem that will be above ground cut it into nodes and plant back where it will root and flower the next year, you can also take seed from the flower, not that I had much success with seed.
I also have a modern "palace Purple" which bushes up well and sets off my Bush Fuschia nicely. So the very old small red flowered one and the large purple bushy one a nice contrast. Enjoy.


The bees love the flowers of the Heuchera in my garden.

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