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Gid Joiner

Yep new to this, sorry I'll try again :/


we don't have access to your c drive you need to upload them here or another site and link to them from here if your on a pc you should see a picture of a tree click on that to open the uploader for this thread



First pic looks like Escallonia second Fatsia possibly but quite young.

Gid Joiner

Thanks, horrible not knowing 


Agree with escallonia, but 2nd pic looks more like Acanthus Mollis. Does it look like this acanthus?



second one looks more like acanthis mollis. If it is it will send up a flower spike soon.

I agree with escallonia and acanthus

Gid Joiner

Thanks. yeh i think it looks more like acanthus, It's at a friends house so I'll have to wait till i go back & take better pictures. 

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