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Help please. My hibiscus is 5 yrs old and for the last couple of years has produced no flowers at all. I'm not sure if it's dead though. I lifted it and it has lots of thick roots but not many fibrous ones and I've also scraped back a little of the bark and it is green underneath. If anybody has any advice enabling me to revive it, I would really appreciate it, thanks

You don't mention leaves. A plant can live without flowers but not leaves.

Has it  got any?

Oops, sorry, no leaves


It's June, if there's no sign of leaves I think it's dead or as near dead as makes no difference.


So no chance whatsoever of saving it?



I doubt it but someone might turn up and disagree later on.

How much pleasure this shrub has given you over the last few years. Is it worth the effort?

Thanks for your advice. I think I knew anyway, just needed it confirming


That's often the way of it yc.  Sometimes I'm looking for an excuse to dispose of something, other times trying to preserve something that's just a waste of space.


I'd give it a bit longer as Hibiscus can be one of the slowest plants to leaf-up.  I had two identical ones delivered early this year which went into the cold GH.  One began sprouting leaves in March, but the other remained dormant until mid-May.  It is getting a bit late though.


You mention Rose of Sharon in your title.  Isn't that Hypericum?  

And you dont want a variety of Rose of your garden 

It's the hibiscus rose of sharon I was referring to

I would give it more time. I have Hibiscus in the garden here. 4 to be exact. They all get very mistreated as im away 6 months of the year and the person who should be watering them does not. Anyways my point is all 4 of them are still alive all at different stages one in flower, one in leaf, one in leaf bud and the other fingers crossed still. but two of them have only just started to come back but they are on there way.

I would not loose all hope just yet. Also I know it sounds mad BUT DON'T FEED THEM ! I find that whenever they are fed they just drop all leaves and flowers. So if your overcompensating by trying to feed them etc i would stop it. if you feed via pellets I would even scrape them off the top of the soil. Sounds mad but 100% happends every time they are fed. Maybe im just doing it wrong haha.

Verdun, what problems are related to Rose of Sharon?  I'm panicking because I've planted 3 this spring to provide ground cover under a leggy hedge.


Hypericum calicynum, rose of Sharon , was ome of the very first things I planted.  Tose large yellow flowers,,evergreen foliage,,easy to look after, etc. But it spreads fast.  It did for me anyway.  I dug mine up and it needed a couple of goes to eliminate it.  

Perhaps others will disagree, have a different experience, but I would not plant this Charley.  War about a vigorous geranium instead like Russell Pritchard or Wargrave Pink?


Rose of Sharon can certainly be a pain in the butt.....lovely shrub but you don't need many of them.......unfortunately, it can have other needed I think if you don't want it to take over.


On one of my holidays in Cornwall I saw that particular Hypericum had taken over the whole garden of a hotel I stayed at, Verdun.


I have also had far more hypericum than I wanted.  I've got rid of most of the ones I don't want, but I have one I want to keep but contain. I can't decide when to cut it back - right now there are flower buds just preparing to break, then berries that last all winter. Do I 

just chop them anytime?

Too late, all planted in about February/March this year!  They're not doing anything much at the moment, but I'll keep an eye on them.  I had complete ground cover in mind though when I planted them so hopefully they'll do their job for me.


I remember when I went to college to study Garden Design and included Hypericum Calicynum in a design. Our tutor circled it and wrote " nasty little plant" . I've never forgotten it, nor , indeed , disagreed with it since.