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Just moved into first house with garden. Has a deck that is rasised approx 50cm high (up to 1m in places) edged with trellis. Rather ugly looking, so need to cover it with a sideways spreading plant . Spread that needs to be covered is approx 4m. South facing that gets the sun on it all day and good fertile soil. Something scented would be good. Any ideas?


Horizontal Juniper? Though it is rather dense, but maybe that is what you want, photos would be useful.


Not perfumed but would do the job Cotoneaster horizontalis.


... I think I would plant 3 of Ceanothus 'Blue Mound' about 4 foot apart, that should cover the area required...


Any colour preferences? What do you have next to the deck- paths, lawn, other planting or beds? Cotoneaster's a good shout especially as they are great for bees, but there will be loads of choices if you can give us as much info as you can 



...and photos


 Thanks for the replies so far.


Pic 1 is what needs to be covered and pic 2 is the amount that needs to be covered. Grass is infront atm (and yes, i know it really needs a good mow!), but was planning on removing the turf to create a border about 75cm wide and growing lavender infront of it to get the bees.


Fancied something that would grow along the trellis to mask it.


If you grow lavender where you are going to be eating meals on summer days, you may find the bees a little intrusive.

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