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My buddies say this is a Himalayan honey suckle or ???

Its a small tree with red berries and bell shaped flowers like snowdrops that hang down

Very attractive to bees

Pennine Petal
Are the lowere red? Sounds like it could be, check Himalayan honeysuckle on search at the top of the page there have been a couple of posts on this. Or post a photo

Leycesteria formosa?


Kate 1123 wins the prize

Thanks Kate


Leycesteria indeed, pheasant beryr it is called, as it is used as ground cover for young pheasants when a shoot is being prepared with lots of young birds - they then have a place in which to hide.  The plant is very strong and can become invasive - it does fine in a very big pot.  I have found a golden leafed version, not seen flowers yet so don't know if they are the same lovely red hanging ones or paler, or even white - we shall see. 



I have ordered some seeds " of the interweb " as we call it in Bristol so could be planting soon.  Thanks to you all for the advice

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