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Hi There, this is new to me so I am just looking for some advice about how to grow a hollyhock, is it the same as a foxgloves, somebody told me they are nicer and I got one down at the garden center at half price as they were dying out due to the harsh frost that we had, thank you

plant it insome not too sticky soil in the sun damien. Not much like a foxglove but very nice as long as it doesn't get rust.

I'm growing them from seed for the first time - I have read that they should be spaced 60cm apart, and can be cut right back and mulched after dying back, to prolong life. I believe my seedlings shouldn't be planted out until all risk of frost has passed, is this correct?

Hi Damien,

I love both, and sow foxglove by scattering seeds in a shady

area then transplant when large enough.

hollyhock i sow in pots.

Hi nutcutlet

 yes rust is a problem on mine, but i just remove the leaf that has it

and it does not seem to hurt the flower stem at all.

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