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I have just reeived a Holly 'Blue Angel'. It is a standard and at the moment soaking in a bucket of water.

It is a root ball and I am wondering how best to plant it. Do I leave it in the 'net'. Do I put Rootgrow on it. Although it is a standard I would like to put it directly in the ground. Should I pot it first or put it in now?



Plants are always better in the ground than anywhere else Matty. Take it out of the net, Rootgrow is a mycorrhizal fungi product and needs to be sprinkled on the roots. Then make a good hole, add some compost unless your soil is good, spread the roots out in the hole, back fill and water in. If I've left anything out I'm sure someone else will think of it.


Thanks Nutcutlet. I will leave it in its bucket now until tomorrow, then dig a nice hole - I like doing that 

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