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My hollyhocks `Mars Magic` which were bought this year are about 2 and a half feet tall but that`s all. They have flower buds on the end but don`t seem to be growing quickly enough to grow and flower this year, and I was told they would, by the  very reputable nursery where I bought them. Is it the weather or is there something I can do? 


your doing better than me still barely out the ground just sitting there  

After 25 years of living in our house, suddenly last year for the first time two hollyhocks appeared.

This year I have about six - and they're about 3 feet high already and growing like mad.  Just wish they didn't like to seed themselves at the front of the borders!

I`d love my hollyhocks to seed. Are you doing anything Supernanauna to enable them, to grow like mad?

My very old neighbour has had them in her garden for years.  A couple of times she gave me baby plants, but they didn't survive.

The ones I got last year must have come from seeds blown over from her garden - and I assume the same thing has happened this year.

Absolutely nothing to do with me!



It could be the weather as mine are shorter than usual.  Have you fed them?  It might help


I have tried 3 times to get hollyhocks going from seed and had very mixed results.

Any tips?


I started off feeding them and then read somewhere that they should be given compost feeds so I`ve been doing that, multipurpose compost mixed with john innes.

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