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flowering rose

thrilled I think,looks like jasmine but not sure.

Honesty, lunaria annua a weed, seeds like hell.


I agree with Dove. I've been pulling quite a lot of it out the hedge today.


Yep, Alliaria petiolata, food for the orange tips larvae



It has a mild mustardy flavour, a bit like nasturtium leaves - I like it in a sandwich with slices of salami


That's Scrophularia nodosa, figwort.

I was pleased to find some of those appearing when I cleared the jungle here. There are rather too many of them now


I love figwort - the first wild plant I consciously learned to identify when I was a child - however, if you were going to offer me some Nut, I think I'll decline, thanks all the same - don't have the room for them here. 


Which of my vast collection of weeds would you like as an alternative Dove


Think I'm getting quite good at growing my own Nut 


That's not going to get that tall, only 1.5m or so. 

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