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I've seen some climbing honeysuckle in morissons and while it looks healthy enough i am wondering whether it would be ok to plant out now or whether its too cold? The plants look pretty young. I am in the north west if that makes a difference

I have bought two honeysuckles and about 5 clematis from Morrison's. I imagine that they will be ok outside. Mine have been in for weeks but if you are worried pot it into a larger pot then plant out in late May. But for two quid I suppose you could risk it.

I forgot to say keep it sheltered at night in the big pot whilst it grows.

I'm in the NW and mine's fine. The upper reaches of it are exposed to wind and all but it flowers reliably and grows very well.

I bought it from a supermarket (either Tesco or Morrisons) a few years back in the hope it would cover up an unsightly washing line pole. Put some mesh round the bottom 2 feet of the pole to give it a leg up and left it to it. First 2 years it didn't really do much but then WHOOSH!

What works for me is shade and shelter at the bottom of the plant - I've got 3 planters in front of the base of the pole which I usually fill with lobelia - and a healthy mulch of homemade leaf mould in the autumn.

The only problem I've had is it snapped in strong wind last year. My fault for not tying it in properly. I pruned it a few buds down from the break and was rewarded with more bushy growth.





Thanks Bob, I'll use the planter tip for the bottom

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