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Can anyone give me some advice, please? I had a metal archway in my garden that has 2 honeysuckle growing up it .......I say 'had' & 'has' cos the arch was rusting away and finally died in the high winds but the plants are still attached to it. They were quite top heavy plants

sorry.....suddenly stopped letting me write I was about to say ........they are lying flat on the ground at the moment, thit had v little growth lower down, it's all up top. Also, it's started budding already. Sadly the label seems to have rotted so I have no idea whthe they are.

gardenning granny

Don't panic - honeysuckle is something of a thug, so just cut back to a bud, or even down to the ground and it should sprout up vigorously, even if you don't want it to!

Good luck - and leave the berries on in the autumn for the birds.


I agree with gardenning granny   I'd cut them right back, even to about 12 - 18 inches from the ground - are you going to get another arch for them?  

Show us some photos when they flower and we'll have a go at identifying them for you 


I agree with gg.Cut them back and let them grow to their new supports. They'll never look right otherwise


Thank you all! Very prompt replies!! I'm so scared of cutting them back hard.......I have a weird thing where stuff grows amazingly for me.........or just gives up. I know it's what I have to do though.......I shall hold my breath and just do it. Altho', all the buds seem to be at the top.......what if there are no buds lower down?

i did leave the berries on, gardening granny........there were loads last year! Hope the birds enjoyed them.

yes, dovefromabove, I was going to get another arch but I'm unsure if I can find one I can afford. Also, I put the arch in the wrong place shades my 'floor' hammock in the afternoon. Anyone got any ideas for what I can do? 

Maybe 3 galvanised steel rods tied with galvanised wire at the top.  I would then cut hard back every year.

Cuttings are easy, I find, so new plants by next year elsewhere?  


If you cut them back you would have more growth lower down, it wouldn't all be at the top.

Hmmmm! That's an idea, verdin, thanks! Tho' I'd need 4 rods cos it arches over an entrance to another part of the garden.........suppose I could find a new entry?! How would I take cuttings! I have tried before but with no success. I'm a pretty rubbish gardener........I'm the only human who got 3 courgettes from 7 plants........oh, and whose Jerusalem artichokes 'disappeared' after getting to 2' high (I've been told that once you have them  they're there for life!)

Pinkheart, Could try some hardwood now I guess....I would. 

Mid spring is best I think.  Pull off with a "heel" and trim if neatly.  Put a few around the edge of a pot of half perlite and half compost.  Water and cover with polythene bag.  I rarely use hormone powder but I guess it may help rooting.

I once grew melons in a coldframe only my impatient haste .....cut off the fruit by accident.  Silly billy me! 

gardenning granny

You may well find that you have seedlings coming up if you allowed the berries to fall!

and you're not the only one whose "rampant" plants fizzle out, I only got 2 courgettes off a dozen plants when all my friends were complaining of huge harvests - on the other hand I had abundant tomatoes from self-saved seed where others did not do so well - swings and roundabouts - and loads of enthusiasm.

My veg enthusiasm is waning a little, gardening granny, after so many unproductive years tending soooooo many plants, sooooooo lovingly......and getting sod all! I do, however,have many new green tomato recipes!

cheers I need to prune to a bud though? Cos they're all up top!

thanks again verdun (apologies for not noticing the damned iPad had changed your name to verdin in my last post!). I shall try all methods in the hope that one works! I'd have given up forever if I'd cut the fruit ,accidentally, off any of my plants, so rare a thing it is!

gardenning granny

never give up Pinkheart - one dud year and then surprises another!  I once nurtured a clematis seedling until it was three feet tall and leafy, then when cutting back michaelmas daisies when it was getting dark inadvertantly cut the clematis to the ground.  I was so upset at my own stupidity sprung forth the next year with great determination and these days attempts to smother everything in sight if I do not prune it ferociously in the spring.

Your honeysuckle will have sturdy roots under the ground and will hopefully leap forth in the spring if you cut it right down now.


Don't forget the gardening saying, "Growth follows the knife."  

I would add the following word ............ usually 

Thank you for the encouraging words gardening granny & dovefromabove...........every little bit helps! I have a feeling that gardening is a lttle like pregnancy forget the pain and do it again!!!!

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