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I've just discovered this site, lots of good info here my honeysuckle hasn't flowered for many years but it's next to a eucalyptus, which may explain a lot! I'll give it a feed and some water and see what happens!

I had one that didn't flower in an old garden.  I can't get them to stop now.  The trick is to ensure they are on moist but well drained soil. I also feed mine every spring with blood, fish and bone.   The native ones I have in my woodland just do their own thing and still flower.  

I have had mine in a pot by my front door for three years.A very sunny position, there is plenty of growth but no blooms at all,I wondered if I could replant it into the ground?



Honeysuckles in pots are unlikely to be happy, particularly if they're in a sunny position.  Honeysuckle need their roots to be in the cool damp shade and their heads in the sun.  The soil in pots will be too warm for them.

I would replant against a north-west facing fence if at all possible.  Plant the roots at least 2ft from the base of the fence so that it's not in a rainshadow, and dig in plenty of organic matter prior to planting and then keep the soil damp  It will be much happier. 


My HS flowered every year and was lovely. Beginning of last year, I pruned back hard. The HS grew back at a fast rate but no flowers - Is this normal? can I expect flowers next summer?


Hi Sean   Most honeysuckles flower on growth produced the previous year, so that will explain why you had no flowers last season - but you should get plenty this coming summer. Sometimes we have to forgo the flowers in order to get things in order.

Some help with pruning honeysuckles here

I'd give it a dose of Fish, Blood and Bone in the spring, and stand well back!

Plant it in the garden but don't cut it back until it flowers, then cut the flowered stems back don't feed it
It's clematis that needs it's roots in the shade.

My honeysuckle is on its last warning.  Its been moved twice. Each time Ive left it for a couple of years but nothing has really moved.  I may have the right site this year Dove as its feet will be in the shade and its head in the sun (if it grows high enough).  Its also on the side of the garden that never gets really dry. So fingers crossed.

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