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Jess is in the Garden

Hello All,

My honeysuckle is entering its 3rd year. It flowered a tiny bit when in a pot, then was planted out May 2011 and this year has established itself well.

It's a healthy plant, by all accounts - but has never reflowered.

It's westfacing and gets plewnty of sun, but the base of the plant is shaded by other plants in a raised bed, with good drainage, as apparently honeysuckles like.

I didn't cut it back last year - ought I to this year? Will it increase the chance of flowering in 2013 or is it just that the plant needs more time to settle?



Wiser folks than me may disagree but many honeysuckles need reasonable moisture during growing season so perhaps it's too dry. I grow 4 of them. Only the variegated one is shy to flower......this is in dry spot against hot wall, the others I make sure don't dry out too much and they flower profusely. Many varieties of hoeysuckle and I think require different conditions
Jess is in the Garden

Thanks for the advice - mine is in a bed that is well drained, but because the base of the plant is in the shade, it is seldom ever dry there. How many years did yours take to flower, if you don't mind my asking?

I also have this problem but I have had my honeysuckle for 6 years and every spring it grows away like this is going to be its year but still no flowers.

Just because it's in the shade doesn't mean it's not dry. It may well be so check soil and see. , I think it flowered within .2 years, maybe 1 year. Maybe someone knows of a pest on honeysuckles but I suspect dryness at flowering time. Do you feed? Mulch? I use fish blood n bone in spring, scratched in and then mulch with my own compost or bagged dried manure. It's odd because wild honeysuckles seem to grow in driest places don't they but varieties we grow are prob more fickle


Jess is in the Garden

no I don't tend to mulch as there are too many plants to get around!

joslow - glad I'm not the only one are you giving up or trying a differnet tac?

thanks for the advice c2 - shall check dryness and maybe feed more...


My honeysuckle did not flower for 7 years, since when it has flowered profusely.  I left it where it was as it was a pleasant looking plant and covered a bit of fence that was even more boring without it - now it has been stunning for 3 years or so. Sometimes patience is a virtue in gardening - though at times it does seem to take an especially long time!

Jess is in the Garden

thanks Bookertoo - I'll need to work on my patience though, as I tend to lob things in the garden recycling when they don't perform 

what type of honeysuckle is yours, by the way?

I guess at least mine is also doing its coverage job well, if nothing else

Jess is in the Garden

joslow - if your HS is anything like Bookertoo's, then you will have flowers next year! let us know


reading these answers explains why my honeysuckle does not flower much, because it is growing up my corkscrew willow. That must take most of the moisture from the roots. Maybe I'll start another plant somewhere else.

Having given mine a short back and sides last autumn brcause there was a lot of dead wood it has been beautiful this year, masses of flowers and very stongly perfumed. It seems to flower on the new years growth.

Well, digging Doris, it's easy to strike cuttings and they grow v quickly, dont they? Most honeysuckles flower on current wood so pruning is easy. Your willow must be taking not just moisture but nutrients too

@ilovemontydon I am also growing mine near a tree so I may have a go at cuttings and see if it does better in a damper spot, but it is not in the way so it can stay.

@christopher2 I will have a go at giving it some extra food.

@Bookertoo that is the problem do you need to be patient or are you doing something wrong.

I am confused now to prune or not to prune

Joslow, I have honeysuckle,over an archway. Always cut it back hard. It has been on profuse flowering mode for 6 months. I guess it,would flower if not pruned too but it is such a vigorous plant. I am a "pruner" I suppose because I try to keep things within bounds and because I think floweriing is improved.

@christopher2 when do I prune?


I prune in November but it's so mild here. I think that's too early to risk.. You can lose it if it's followed by very cold winter. So, I would prune in march and always to buds

Thanks for your advice.

I transferred an old plant into a large pot which, although it looks v healthy. has still not flowered after five years.  Am I waiting in vain?


I have a fair few HS in my garden a few in large planters, i water them twice a week in growing season and one of the watering's i include a liquid rose feed basically i treat it in the same way as my Clematis, i always have an abundance of flowers, my main problem is how fast and big they grow, will need to give them all a good hair cut come March/April.. 


Don't know if it's the weather or just that I've ignored it but it's blooming it's socks off this year!