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hi can anyone tell when i cantake honeysuckle cuttings and any tips



nice one Dovefromaabove  many thanks


Ive very successfully taken cuttings from various honeysuckle. What I do is take a soft cutting about 8inches or so, nip any flower off, take at least 8 of them have a pot ready with a mix of sand and compost and poke the cuttings round the edge of the pot about half the cutting in. I didnt put a bag over them I made sure they were damp and left them in a cool area of the garden checking them after about six weeks. Give them a gentle tug if theyve formed roots they wont pull out.  Good Luck


Gardening Grandma


You can cut above a pair of leaves and then make a lower cut about halfway between the leaf joints (I think this is called a double eye leaf bud cutting) then dip the end of the stem into rooting powder or gel. Cuttings should be taken when the plant is growing well - about now, really. As weejenny says, put them in well-drained soil to root and keep the cuttings in shade but keep moist. They root well kept inside the house, too, because of the extra warmth. I usually put a plastic bag over the top and tie it to keep moisture in myself. Apparently, you can also root them in water, though I've never tried it. You take a long cutting and put the bottom 8 invhes in water, change the water every three days and it is supposed to m ake roots in about a fortnight. Think I'll try it this year, actually.

Mrs Lilly Pond

I took some cuttings about a week ago using the above methods and so far they are still alive...... although I didn't use rooting powder, didn't put a plastic bag over but did put them in the greenhouse.   I think I might try popping some cuttings in water too as that sounds a good idea to try (thank you Gardening Grandma)   Good luck 4711 with your cuttings.


cheers all many thanks


I'm going to try all thes e methods

thankyou all


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