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Hello! The front of my house gets a bit of sun in the morning but is in complete shade for the rest of the day. I wanted to grow a summer flowering honeysuckle by my door because I love the scent and I thought they liked shade, but someone has told me that they won't flower without a bit of sun. Now I'm confused! Can anyone give me some advice?


Bunny ...
I have an evergreen henryi on pergola , gets very early sun but nothing more

Hello alice , they can do a bit of both, ive grown mine in my back garden its in shade for the most of the winter and it does get some sun in the summer and its never not bloomed ,just a little trim now and again .good luck 

I've got one growing over my front door, I think it's a Graham Thomas. Gets a few hours of morning sun, and flowers prolifically. Only one way to find out, really, and that's to try it.
Jean Genie

I have a Serotina and a Dropmore Scarlet climbing over the arch - they only get a few hours sun every day but both seem to flower well

Bunny - I thought Henryi was a clematis ?   I have him growing on the trellis


Bunny ...

And i havnt seen that one


I have a semi-evergreen (but kept 100% of it's leaves over this winter) Lonicera japonica called Halliana which grows in almost complete shade and still manages to flower.  The plant selector on this site says 'full sun or semi-shade' but it does well in deep shade for me.

I agree with figrat - only way to really know is to try one or two you fancy and see how they do for you.  In this sort of situation I often plant several varieties in pots placed in the problem area and see how they do.  The winner get a permanent home.

Thank you, everyone, for all your help. Having taken all of the above into account I have made my mind up to plant a honeysuckle and see how it gets on. Thanks again! Alice xx

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