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horzontal sweet pea vase (as seen at chelsea)?

Where can I find a horzontal sweet pea vase (as seen at chelsea)?

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I have a sweet pea-related question and I was hoping you could help...
My mother visited the Chelsea flower show this year and saw some specialist (horizonal) sweet pea vases...
She would like one for Christmas, but cannot remember the name of the stall she saw them on...
I am kind of hoping someone on here may have gone to Chelsea and seen these horizontal vases...
Would you have any idea who would sell them?
Ben Armstrong

flowering rose

could always google it,I bet you would get john lewiss.

have tried all manner of google searches and John Lewis (and all the similar I can think of) don't have it

Do you know who the exhibitor was (should be in the program). If you email them they may be able to help.

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