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new hostas flowered madly but  flowering now finished - what to do now? Do u remove flower stems? Leave? 

Remove flowered stem back to its base


What about the leaves Verdun would you leave them to die back? I'm not sure what to do this year and i can't remember what i did last year with them.

I'm with you zombiegardener (love the name by the way!!) my large hostas look pretty shabby and I don't know what to do with them - can anyone help??? 


Just been reading my GW mag - advice there is to cut the flower stems right down to the base but leave the leaves to die down naturally come the autumn.


thanks chicky - just been out and tidied them up - they look much better now! 


Just as the others have said,trim back and leave to die back.I dont think that it would be a good idea to cut the leaves back as the plant still feeds through them.


Same for me now Sally the one's in the boarders look like something has had a good feed on them. The one's in pots still look great. I will tidy them up in the morn. Thanks Chicky.

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