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Hi I moved house two years ago luckily I remembered to lift my hostas before I went I wasn't sure if they'd survive the move and like there new location but last year I had a great show. My question is would I be advise to split them as I've never done this and if so what's the best way to split them? Thanks sorry for the basic question I'm a complete novice!

Gorgeous little violas around that hosta Brumbull   Luvvem!

I do much the same as Brumbull does with hostas.
Good time now to do it.
I find the split hostas have a lot of vigour....sometimes nice to plant out in a group of three
I only planted mine in pots last year. Should I really split them now or wait till next year??
This is a picture of 3 of my 6 hostas. I have them all round the walls of the garden. I was thinking of putting them next to the front door and making Hosta ally as you walk down side if the house to get to door. Should I split them all and go for it or wait. How many should I split it into. The variegated one in the picture is about 6 and I split it in the middle of the season last year to make a uniform look on the wall and it went crazy and ballooned!


These are my other 3 as baby plants when I bought for 1.50 each. No clue in varieties just thought they were pretty. So that's my 6!
All are in standard size pots like you see In the first picture. But the blue green one with the thickest leaf is in a smaller pot at about a foot as this wasn't as prolific as the others. I'm getting addicted to gardening. I now have my late summer cuttings, bulbs, a reduced agapanthus, potatoes and tomatoes in the conservatory, I split my Lilly pot and found around 15 bulbs too. I'm addicted and I can't wait to get my portable large greenhouse up. My friends think I'm crazy at 31 being so into gardening !!!
Nothing at all. I was in the garden in red dungarees with my farther and grandad. At about about 13 I would spend 4 hours mowing his orchard Eric with a petrol push mount field. I use to help him set his potatos and beans and I. Was closer to the ground grandad said! V v v happy memories indeed. Use to get caught with glow worms and pupa in my pockets which never amused mum! My grab who is kow 93 and in a home had a lucid moment yesterday and when I said I bought some reduced polyanthus she said 'you always did have green fingers' nearly made me cry! After sorting out our home after moving in 3 years ago and just really starting the garden last year, now its time to make it home outside. I have no clue what I'm doing in some respects if its not lawns, collecting seed or setting veg but I'm determined to make it pretty and enjoy it! There are pictures on another thread about raised beds if you fancy a nosy!! You will see it needs lots of work!
Sorry atrocious spelling from fast typing on an iPhone
Nice post Red Dahlia. I enjoyed that.
Makes you feel happy remembering the good times and always makes you think about your family when gardening! Thanks all x
Red dahlia, sentiment is so important in the garden.
Got a Happy Child rose in my garden for just that reason.
The past is important..not to be morbid about but to remember
I agree and a few if the perennials we bought last year (spent a lot more than I should) were bought because I recognised then from growing up. Also bulbs and bits I pick up from days out or bargain finding trips and they stick in my mind. Like 50 gladioli bulbs for 50 p, they didn't flower last year but I'm hopeful for this year! My dad kept coming to see my garden last year and I know its tiny but we sat on the tiny decking looking out and he would tell me how much nicer it looked and I felt so proud.

I was given 5 dwarf red dahlias that stand only about 6-8 inches tall and they made such beautiful plants. Everyone mentioned them, I can't wait to sow the self collected seed (so hope I did it right) then I can give some away and make people smile too. X
Love your thinking red dahlia
Thankyou. Have to say there have been some lovely responses and helpful people on here. Like minded I like to believe. I started gardening at hone last year and a lady I know in the next village invited me to look at her garden, she came to mine and she gave me so many things, including the red dahlia that she said... Are looking scrawny so if you don't take them I'm going to throw them. I cut all the dead out, watered and tried to care for them, they came back strong and were one if the highlights in the garden, especially as they were on death row. Another happy memory!!!! Will try and post a link to the pic. If you know what type of dahlias then pls tell me. They are corm less, just tiny seeds, I so so so hope they come, when indeed I sow them. Don't even know how!!!!

Oh so sorry. Last time I was helped out as I am on an iPhone and can't put the picture on. I seem to have trashed the Hosta thread! Oops!! Still wondering if I should split my hostas again. What do you think. The 6 year old I split in 2 last year, will it divide again!? How many do you divide into?
I may leave last years newly set ones then as the root was not even orange size and hit the 6 year old one. It filled my tubs last year and when I had divided it the roots were still about a Half a foot by just tad more. I really want a Hosta ally!!!
Will post Red Dahlia's pics later on - sunny here so gardening and only on iPad at the mo.
Red dahlia,
You obviously like hostas.
Lots of different leaf colours now....
Shop around and you should see them bit cheaper.
As long as you keep slugs and snails off them and don't let them dry out too much you should get some nice hostas in summer
Good luck