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I just need some time in the garden when its warm enough for me to stomach doing it. My Hosta growing tips aren't even showing yet!

Red Dahila's first pic


The second...


The third...


And the fourth..


Red dahlia. Your hostas look great.
It's too early for hostas to show any growth just yet. Dont worry they are very tough plants and should be even bigger and better this summer
I would not split those this year
The flower looks like a Gerbera.....if I'm wrong i will be told....and I grow them too. Is that still planted outside?
Here in Cornwall they are fine outside but maybe need some protection where you are
Oops! Ok Brumbull I bow to your greater wisdom!!
Thankyou all and especially Figrat for the help yet again with the pictures. Picture2 are the ??1.50 babies. Believe it or not the green and yellow variegated is the one on the left in picture 1.

The green and white variegated in picture 1 was one plant but I split into those 2 pots you see and it ballooned. It's now 7 years old and I will split this again I think. Can't afford tubs so will have to be builders buckets as they are only ??1.

The red flower is def a Dahlia (hence my name!!) just some type of dwarf.
Sorry red dahlia, just looked again at "gerbera". and I can see it is a dahlia. I'll get my coat. I have a red gerbera floweriing now a d thought you had same plant.
If I was right would you have changed your name to Red Gerbera?
That us a picture from about late August last year. As I say they were bound for the bin so I was quite chuffed with how they came through. I collected lots of the brown heads and an now waiting for some mythical signal to tell me when to plant some of the seeds I have waiting in the wings! I don't like the not knowing when to sow stuff and how. People keep telling me to hold off but books and Internet searches tell me they should be sown now. How does anyone know!!!!
Well you could sow some now, and if they don't make you'll have some in reserve. I've given up waiting for better weather, just cracking on, being aware that it might be a no show.
I agree with figrat
Red Dahlia, just TRY.
do some now..just a few. Then again in couple of weeks. Most of us learn this way anyway.
Brumbull....I'll only get your coat if it's got money in it. I have a feeling the forum will not let me forget my bloomer......bloomer? Ha ha

if u encourage the birds into ur garden slugs will not be a problem. i hardly ever find any that cause a problem as i have so many "blackies" and Thrushes they deal with it...

Will give it a whirl then whilst I am on a week off. I have the following seeds I need/want to sow. Which shall I get in now, which shall I wait for....

Red dahlia-dwarf -going to try these
Normal dahlia (stolen from my farthers bishop of llandaff or something)
Home collected African marigold
Sweet pea
French bean
Sugar snap pea

I have more I fancied but these are the ones I want!!


Also do you sow in trays or pots, really am a novice here. The dahlia and the marigold I will do in trays then pot on.
Red dahlia. I sow in small pots.
Sweet peas, peas ...sow now
Carrots outside, obviously, when bit warmer fav crop and I can grow them well too.
French beans in May.....or sow mid April indoors in trays to plant out when frost has gone. I sow runner beans indoors in trays too. They germinate inside a week. They,then go Into bigger trays In greenhouse. Then into the ground under a small poly tunnel. Love my runners does my sneaky, but loveable, dog. I was picking on one side only to hear him picking and eating on the other side.
Dahlias, marigold, etc sow indoors now......remember a few now and a few later.
Potatoes... Could suggest but never grown them but someone will know.
Sowing in pots is easier. You will have all you need anyway. Then into trays.
Been practicing on my paper pots. Got some reduced bulbs in 8 to see if they sprout, if so out in the garden they will go, just unsure of if I should put one or 2 seeds per pot? 2 then snip off the weakest???

Sweet peas that my mum gave me tonight, that she commandeered from a holiday cottage as a Norfolk souvenir, another happy thought for my garden. They will go 3 at a time in my paper pots Tom. I said I was going to the shed for 5 mins and my other half said no! He said Monty D has a lot to answer for!!!!
Red dahlia, two seeds per pot and pull out the weakesf
And I'm right in thinking if my seeds germinate well that I don't need to do any more in 2 weeks?!