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Me again Brumbull. Yep I love my about 8 varieties I guess. I seem to be able to keep slugs n snails away from them until the very end of summer but that's when they're dying down anyway.
No real growth on mine yet. I split them most years.
I like fire n ice, patriot and halcyon and nice yellow variegated one the name of which escapes me for mo. Tempted by nice white variety I see advertised too.
I grow in pots too with copper tape under the rim
Great foil for red and blue grasses, ophiopogon and Heucheras.
Hiya Brumbull, I will check,out those varieties too

I have a couple of "Big Daddy" 's that have been going for years in huge pots and are always a talking point.  Have just invested in a couple of Full Monty's and a Blueberry Muffin for an old tin bath that we have acquired - they came bare-root so are acclimatizing in the greenhouse before they get planted up.  They are just beginning to show growth, so am really excited. 


I have about 30 different hostas which used to be in pots but I'm gradually turfing them out into the garden now they're outgrowing the pots.  Also, it's a lot easier without the spring and autumn job of heaving them all under shelter for winter and then getting them out again for the first warm sunshine and then moving them to the shadier side of the house for the summer.

I like Revolution, Sum and Substance, Royal Standard, Frances Williams, June and many more.  Gold edger is a good compact one that copes with sun and can be used as a border edger and I think often of maybe starying a collection of the tiny ones and keeping them in pots on a display stand but my favourites are the big leaved ones.


I like the idea of a home made garlic spray, Brumbull, I think I will try that. How many cloves to a liter of water do you use?



Thanks, Brumbull. Can't do a gallon here, we only have liters, but I guess 4-5 liters will be about a gallon! Oh, and I forgot to ask, do you spray the plants themselves or only around the roots/soil?


I've got two groups of Sum and Substance, and two of Blue Angel.  The Sum and Substance is ignored (so far) by slugs and snails, and they don't really bother much with the Blue Angel - however I'm a little disappointed with the colour of Blue Angel - it could be a bit bluer for me.

Woodgreen wonderboy

After several years growing hostas in the garden soil and watching slugs debeautify them I dug every one up and put them into a collection of pots on the patio. I can control slugs with proper pellets which are out of sight under the leaves and no danger to wildlife ( except the slug of course which is technically wild least he is when he meets the pellet!)

This creates an attractive display which I can move around for effect. No sign of life this year yet.

I noughts some hostas from a village fete last year for 1.50. They were glorious last year and I so hope they come again this year. They are in pots on the wall around my lawn/beds. They are covered with slate to hopefully keep out the nasties and weeds. My questions, how often to divide and what to fertilise with and when? I'm worried they will have used all nutrients in compost. My original variegated hosta was in its pot for about 3 years then last year I split this when fully in
Leaf, it looked beautiful but I hope it comes as well this year!
hollie hock

Not ever grown hostas or ever been a fan of them before but picked up a clump locally off freecycle a few weeks back, one bit has gone into a pot and the other into the ground. The one in the pot is sprouting, I think the lady said that they were varigated leaves and had purple flowers. i'm looking forward to seeing what they look like when they flower


Thanks for the info, Brumbull. I guess if I spray my lettuces I won't have to add any garlic to my salad sauce. I've got several hostas dotted around my garden too, but don't know any names. One sort has bluish-green leaves with ridges, the other is green with cream edges.

Thanks brumbull

I would love to put them in my small borders but the garden does have slugs and snails so they would be destroyed. So far they have hardly been touches with snail damage. Just have to wait for them to appear through the slate. Will tomato feed work??
Brumbull wrote (see)
Dove, does the Blue Angel get a lot of sunlight ?

Not a lot, they're in two spots on my Shady Bank - sort of north-west facing.

Jess is in the Garden
Which is a good hosta nursery then? Trying to get hold of a sieboldiana ?spelling! I think that's the one with large, almost grey green corrugated leaves...
Determined now to get the best yellow that stays yellow throughout the summer.....ideas?



I got mine from Bowdens - they have a great choice and plants arrived looking very healthy. 

We had a hosta expert come and talk to our gardening group a couple of months ago, and it was one of the nurseries he recommended.  They were also very helpful when we went to their stand at Hampton Court last year.

started a collection of mini and dwarf ones last year. They are all in pots and are just starting to poke their noses out. The larger type are in the garden and also some in pots. I was lucky last year as I didn't have too much of a problem with slugs and snails. I hope my luck holds out for this year


hi folks. if i use powdered garlic and boiling hot water will it still work the same way as boiling the cloves of garlic in water? My OH is very house proud, so i there not even dream of boiling garlic in the

 I love hostas but i am always plagued by slugs and snails.


You don't need to use garlic spray.  Thinly scatter wildlife friendly slug pellets around your hostas and any other susceptible plants every 2 weeks till June starting on Valentine's day cos it's easy to remember.   This way you'll get the ones coming out of winter hibernation and the ones just hatching from eggs and all before they have time to scoff your treasures or breed.

Brumbull white feather looks wonderful. Will need to keep.out of direct summer sun I guess? How much shade? That double pot may actually encourage slugs ....they would love that hiding place between the two pots.
Growing next to purple,.orange or red Heuchera or in front of berberis atro nana it would look superb.
I want that hosta now ....I will need to cut back on my Cornish pasties though to get my,pennies together.