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Hi all,

 i have stored all of my dhalia tubers from 2012 and would like to split them to create more plants for my garden. I have seen lots of conflicting ways to do this on the internet and thought i would seek other advise. do i pinch off the new shoots and propergate, cleanly cut tubers apart when new shoots and eyes form or is there anothermethod i should use??? is there any websites i should use or could be recomended.




Do nothing yet

Around about the beginning of March put them in trays in the greenhouse with some compost and start watering-that and the natural warmth will start them into growth

You will then see the eyes and that is when you can split them or allow them to grow a bit to take cuttings

The thing you are aiming for is healthy plants to set out from May onwards depending on your last frost date-this may be as late as the end of May.

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