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Hello, I've bought some aquilegia seeds from T&M and some from eBay, how is best to germinate/ sow them? On one packet it says to sow in a tray, seal in a bag and place in the fridge for 3 weeks (saying this speeds up the process), the other doesn't suggest this and say germination is 1-3 months. What has worked for you? Thanks Tina

I did both methods last year and they both worked fine, sowing outdoors is a lot less hassle .

Alina W

I agree - sow outdoors. They don't need coddling.


Don't these self seed a lot-so if they do it in nature then that answers the question.


Dried seeds of Aquilegia are more difficult to get to germinate than fresh ones. That is why they self seed so easily. If you do have trouble getting them to grow, then try gently rubbing the seeds between 2 pieces of fine sand paper before sowing.

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