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Hilary Riches

I would like to grow a white Hydrangea in my garden.  I have a pink one already but would like a white one to cut and bring into the house.  What type of soil do I need and can I grow it in a large pot.

Thanks! Hilary


As the link above, I have 2 x Hydrangea Koria planted into two barrel planters and although they are only young plants their flowers look great., rather similar to clinming hydrangea...

 Elsewhere in my garden I have a different type of white hydrangea which is also a great looking plant, Hydrangea Limelight. I dont have any photos but you could do an image search on Google.


If you have a border that gets early morning sun a white hydrangea will be ever so prolific in flowers. Acid to neutral soil is also ok. but dappled shade all day would be better as the blooms would be protected from heavy rain. I have 'annabelle' She is beautiful and has huge flower heads, but they get so heavy that in a rain they fall over. They are good in flower arrangments.  


Hilary Riches

LeadFarmer and backyardee thanks for your replys I think I'll try pot and border.  Both annabelle and limelight look beautifull.  

Thanks once again

My white Hydrangea is slowly turning pink. I bought it a month ago and it was white. I wish to keep it white. What shall I add to the soil to stop turning it pink?

Nothing.   It's down to the variety not the soil  Yv with white varieties 


Some white ones turn pink as they age, particularly if rained on.  Next year's flowers will start off white 

I have a white hydrangea but it turned green this year.  How do I keep it white?


That may have been due to climatic conditions. 

Do you know the name of the variety?

All the white  PG's turn pink with the exception of Kyushu.  Nothing can be is part n parcel of the plant.  Limelight here stays white until mid September but by then I would have had glorious white with the merest hint of lime flowers for several weeks. 

Backyardee. I have two annabelles. One being 5 foot tall  with one flower on. I've been scratching my monks cut thinking where have they all gone.

pruning correctly is important with PG's and Annabelle.  Prune to the base and the flowers will flop.  Prune mid way to produce sturdy wood to support the flowers 

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