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Yet again the fleece was used on the plants last night in the now 'cant close because they're too tall etc' coldframe & the unheated greenhouse.

Normally all my planting out, patio pots of dahlias, toms & peppers in the greenhouse is complete by the end of May half term- next week- this year, it'll be at least another couple of weeks.

I've had to risk putting out trays of cosmos seedlings, small fuschias etc to by a sheltered house wall, so that I could refill the coldframes with things that were just too big to stay inside on sills any longer. J.

Back in the day all the triffids would by now have been full-grown tripodmarsis hgwellsia.

Today here it's been mostly sun and wind, sleet and drizzle, warm and cold.

i.e. April


Oh do you have triffidia tripodmarsis too? 


Is that you running away? 


Just me looking for the pruners (again).

I know I left them somewhere. But you can't find 'em when you need 'em can you?


Wow, yours are bigger than mine ..........


Had to light the paraffin heater in theG/H temp now in G/H at 10.15p.m. is 8 C.

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