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I just planted some lily (6" deep) and gladioli bulbs (4" deep) and am wondering if there's a general length of time these are likely to reach the surface?

I've placed a box on top of the soil to protect it from cats, but will have to remove it when the bulbs hit the surface so light can get to them. Hopefully by then, the soil will be settled enough for the cats to leave alone. They love freshly fluffed-up soil.

I'll remove the box during the day when it rains so the soil doesn't dry out.

I guess the gladioli will sprout soon, they do so once the soil is a bit warmer. But they bloom very whimsically (I can tell you). Lilies are more reliable, and should take a little longer.

Gladioli and ,lillies will shoot when the time is right and the soil warms up, neither flower till July/Aug/Sept time.

Lillies are hardy and can be left in the ground or pots through winter so no probs planting now, I'll be repotting mine in pots and putting some in the GH for an early show.

It's still too cold for gladioli to put out shoots possibly not till May.

David Matthews2

That reminds me; I've a big parcel of lily bulbs (arrived in the post last week). Must get them sorted and into their flowering troughs and buckets - which I tow around the patios as they come into bloom, then 'retiring' them to shadier parts of the garden as they enter 'eclipse' after flowering.


Well to answer my own question, this morning I noticed the tips of three of my seven lilies have just popped through the soil. I planted them 6" deep and it took just under a month of warm spring weather for them to reach the surface.

There are a few thin, wispy shoots appearing where I planted the gladioli (4" deep). The first couple appeared about two weeks ago, and there are now a few of them 2-3" tall. They don't look like the gladioli shoots I saw last year, but I assume it's what they are.


I put some gladi's in about 5 weeks ago and they're just showing now. My lillies were repotted after flowering last year and have been out all 'winter', and are showing through as well. It's very easy to be a bit impatient when it's new to you, I have found myself staring at freshly sown seeds, urging them on, waiting for them to show.

Steve 309

I planted some glads, lilies and other summer bulbs four weeks ago and then went away.  I suspect not looking at them is the way to make them grow.

Spiky branches (e.g. holly prunings) are good for keeping cats off nicely raked soil, and let the sun and rain in.


Up-turned hanging baskets work well to keep both rabbits and cats off.

8 weeks have passed and my lily bulbs are not showing

they are growing (I hope) in containers

I planted some tree lilies in the ground in early February and they are only just showing now.

None of my lilies in the ground are showing from last year but I've had my gladioli out in a pot in a sunny but sheltered position for about 4 weeks now and there are about 14 shoots, one is about 9" high.  

Can I plant my lilly bulbs now as I forgot about them?

Can anyone help please.



Nothing to lose Sharon. Plant them

I planted some lily bulbs over a month ago... I live in Arizona and some of the lily's I had last year were already growing back, but I was told with the new lily's to freeze them till they were ready to plant and they don't seem to be growing. Did I kill them by freezing them before I planted them?

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