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So I have finally moved into the new house after a 2 year wait and so have inherited a lot of old plants. Fruits, Nuts and a hell of a lot of trees. I am having difficulty confirming the plants and want to double check with people as nuts and berrys really are not my thing. Orchids are another matter. But for the time being lets stick with this. Below I have attached 7 pictures Top being number 1 last one number 7 any help with what they are and if they are edible would be great
















After this I have another 1500 trees to go through


Many Thanks for any help.





Seven is hazelnut. I love hearing the green cobs!

Two is a Beech.


Four is the Meddlar Apple. Common name Dogs A...

Six maybe Snowberry. 


1 is walnut, no doubt

but I don't think 5 is cotoneaster



Cotoneaster has clusters of typical rosaceae shaped fruits 

what haven't we done yet


1 walnut

2 beech

3 ?

4 medlar apple

5 ?

6 Snowberry

7 Hazel

Wow very exciting to see what you all think of my little trees looks like I no longer need to buy a bag of nuts at Christmas. Very excited also to try cooking something with the medlar apple, I had someone cook me a medlar tart last year and thought it a very nice flavour.


Does anyone think number 3 could be some type of bladder nut ?


Hi Nicky, re 3. Yes, looking at images I think you're right, but it's not one I'm familiar with.


You'll have to be quick to beat the squirrels to the nuts

Number 5 looks like holly to me

I did see a red squirrel out in the garden a couple of days ago. I think there are plenty of nuts to go around. Should I start picking them now ?


3 is a bladdernut, Staphylea, don't know the species but probably either Staphylea pinnata or Staphylea colchica as these are the two common ones.

5 is a Holly, probably an Ilex x altaclarensis type which is a hybrid between our common holly Ilex aquifolium and Ilex perado but the parentage is a bit confused.  Hence the lack of spines on some of the leaves.

You can eat 1,4, and 7. 2 if desperate!

7 down 1493 to go, O what fun!

HAHA thanks again for the info. Will at some point love to make a map of all the trees but dont know how to best go about that and have plenty of other jobs to be getting on with first.

On another note I have seen the squirrels out in the trees eating all the nuts. But the god news is they are all red squirrels. SO I guess there is an upside.


beech cast makes a passable coffee

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