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I want to buy some specific shrubs for my garden, not unusual but my local garden centres are limited and never have what I am looking for.  I have tried one large mail order company but the plants were very disappointing.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Not sure if we are allowed to name companies on here but would appreciate any thoughts.......


Crocus are pretty good and IF there are any problems they are really helpful.


Thank you, have heard of them, will look them up.


Try Burncoose nurseries in Cornwall.


The RHS website has a plant finder section that lists growers for plants.  Many offer a mail order service and generally the plants are first class, web address is  You don't need to be a member to use the service.


I buy online all the time.  Better quality plants and newest varieties

For perennials, paddock plants, woottens, Cotswold flowers, perhill nurseries, etc and there are many specialist nurseries too. Best is to ask when you know what plants you  want.  Local nurseries and online for very best of plants.  And don't worry about condition of plants when you get them....all superbly packed.


For a shade specialist nursery

really well packed and transported plants


Am loving the plants from Coblands - there are also discount vouchers online for them. Well packaged and large shrubs and some unusual plants.

Crocus is also very good - would also be happy to recc. them.

I would avoid J Parkers, Thompson and Morgan, Van Meulan etc as their plants are 9cm pots.

Well. Of course, burnoose is a local GC for me.  It used to be better though.  I knew it as an up and coming nursery owned by a regular gold medal winner who was keen to grow every gem.  

I agree with blairs about avoiding those nurseries he mentioned.  Ok for bulbs.  Big no for plants 

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