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how can i increase the ammount of wallflowers in my garden how do you propegate


I am a wallflower fan

. They were the first plants that I grew from seed last year and those plants  are flowering now.

The best way I would suggest is to grow them from seed to flower the next year. They are so easy!  & the seeds are very cheap. The seeds usually germinate in 7 days and when they are big enough just prick them out into small pots   to grow on. If you wait a while & then pinch out the growing leaves you should get nice bushy plants.

There's lots of variety, I'm currently growing Cloth of gold ( I have loads). I also collected seeds from some other plants red & purple variety & those are doing brilliantly. Nothing scientific in collecting these seeds,just a paper envelope.

I've also got some white ones on the go. seeds germinated in a week

I've been looking at the Vulcan & Fireking type, but had to stop myself as I don't have the space.

I bought some last year as bare rooted plants  from a market 10 for £10 & they are now in flower, I will collect the seeds of the ones I really like & grow some more.

You can take semi ripe cuttings also, I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds relatively easy.

here's my pic of seeds sown on 19/2/12

Wallflowers are great

my bare rooted plants from the market should have read 10 for £1


And sometimes, like last year they flower allyear long.  I do love them,meiow and not just for their scent and flowers.  The cabbage white butterfly seems to prefer them to cabbage!

thanks for your help i will give it a go

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