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Wow so beautiful, I love them & would buy loads if I could only be sure which are really, truly hardy, rather than wasting my money on more that aren't! I bought an enormous pot of them from Trebah gardens one year but lost them the second winter.

Carol Klein on GW said a while ago that one type were totally hardy & one type not. When I'm faced with gorgeous pots of them in the garden centre that give very little information I never know if they are or not.

I got a lovely surpise this year when a tiny one appeared in a pot that I planted with it & lily bulbs years ago. It's never reappeared & then suddenly well over 5 years later it pops up & has one flower on! I shall ignore it & hope it thrives! 


@lokelani.. mine are out all year round.. they got bit brown leaves over wet weather..but i just cut them back and it got new ones.. mine has always been outside.. thou we are in the south and do not get so much snow or cold weather as up country so that may help them.. my grandad used to put his pots in brown sacks with straw round them for over the winter and they survived fine.

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