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Wondering if anyone knows what the plant in the foreground is? It looks like some kind of hyacinth to me but I can't find one similar. thanks



They look like Bluebells


Bluebells, of the Spanish variety I believe! Bloomin nuisance in my garden 


Definitely Bluebells - I dug up my Spanish last year, trying to only have English ones now but are pink ones English?



Think the Spanish ones come in pink white and purple - sorry Foodie  At least they do round here!


Hi Panda have just checked in the plant section here and English bluebells also come in pink and white, I'll see how they come out, if they drop to one side then I'll say they're English and will be very happy shall let you know. They're grown very well this year at least something liked all the rain


I apologise Foodie, and hope they are indeed English  I'll be hoofing out a lot of my Spanish ones this year as they have spread like billy-oh 


Ahh Spanish ones are ok too - no apology necessary it's all about gaining info on a subject we all enjoy 

Thanks all. Judging by what it says here about Spanish ones having upright stems, and here about having non-white pollen, it seems they are Spanish. And that would tally with them having taken over the garden.


It should be a good year for wild English Native bluebells - they will have enjoyed the wet winter and now a dry and warm spring will be perfect for them - time to start looking out for places to go and see them 

Well if it's that tricky telling the difference maybe I should start charging people to come and see them...


Good idea it could help to pay for more plants! Identification info for Bluebells: I was told Spanish bluebells are paler than English and the flowers hang around the stem so are more upright where as English bluebells are darker almost a purple blue and hang down the stem on one side so they appear to droop. I think my pink bluebells are Spanish but they're so pretty they can stay

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