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I have two new Hydrageas with approx 4 flowers on each with more buds appearing, Do i dead head the old ones as they look a bit sorry for themsleves. If so how do I do it....


Just snip or pull the flower head off-don't be tempted do more much than that- next year's flower-buds form behind this years


I  leave the old flower heads on my hydrangeas - as they fade the colours change and can become even more beautiful than when the bloom is fresh, and they can be dried to use indoors.  I leave them most of them on until the spring when I prune the plant, as the old flower heads protect the next year's flower buds.

David10, just enjoy the new buds that are about to open so I would remove tatty flowers that will spoil them. When they, the new buds, have flowered keep those on the plant to protect next year's buds.
I let my heads dry out and spray them gold to use for Christmas decorations.


Mariebainbridge, I love that idea, I will be doing that this year! Thanks

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