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Hi all. Just need setting straight please. i bought this plant in full bloom and it was stunning, I just need to know how to care now. It states on the label no pruning. Fine I can do this but how do I go about dead heading and care!


it is currently in a pot on my decking in a shaded part of my garden!! do I feed, repot, just trim heads off just below flower head' it's all looking brown and yuk but it is alive!! 

It's in pruning group one, see the link to the rhs

As for feeding, I'd just give it a small feed and refresh the top of the potting mixture.Too much feed and all you'll get is loads of new green and no flowers. It's still a bit early so leave till it starts showing signs of growth. Position is fine.

I do it this way.   Now or during next few weeks in cold areas I remove the old spent flowerheads down to the next emerging buds....usually in pairs.   Really deadheading.

I also remove one or two old branches to the ground occasionally......Red, yours won't need this.

In a pot water it often and well during the growing season.  I would actually place a saucer under the pot.   I would leave well alone for a while re feeding.  I would do this when deadheading. 

Anyone growing the new breed of hydrangeas?  

Thanks so will wait till warmer and look for buds! 

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