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Hi ,

We have moved to a new house and there is avery large and healthy Hydrangea bush very close to the back door. Can anyone advise how and when to prune it back to a more manageable size,also can I divide it to plant in other parts of the garden ? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

laney john

Hey, when they finish flowering prune it bk. Am not an expert but i know u cant split them,  u can move it though..  I would wait till u prune it. Different soils apparently change the colour of the flowers too. Gonna see if that rings true when my 2 flower. When i got them last yr, one was white and the other purple..x

Cheers LJ, 


Domt move it.  Can't split it.  You can take it now or later.

Pruning, depending on variety, you can remove whole stems back to the ground.  Just a couple of the older ones and this encourages new growth from the base and over a 3 year period will reduce the size without affecting the flowering performance of the plant.  In spring cut off the old flower heads back to next pair of fat healthy buds.  


laney john

Listen to the dude.....  but i did move mine with no probs... didnt know u could take cuttings though. x    Verdun  is it true about the colours changing? x


In acid comditions hydrangeas want to be blue.  In alkaline they want to be red. ,if you want blue hydranges there are "bluing" compounds you can use. The old traditional way was to scatter iron filings around them.

Laney John, I,think the very best advice is to test your soil.  If its acid go buy a good blue variety.  If its alkaline buy a good red variety.  Whites are unaffected.  Often blue varieties treated with gluing agents simply get bit purplish and red varieties grown on acid soil do,the same.  Get the variety for your comditions and then grow superb specimens

I have moved hydrangea too without problems but I think Criss's hydrangea might be too big for,that

Thanks all for the advice. I will def. take some cuttings.I am still a little confused though as to cutting back if it promotes new growth from the base ? our plant is not only tall but wide as well. Sorry if I appear dense, still new to all this 


This year take one third of the stems out at the base.  Next year take another one third  of the old stems out, and the following year take the final one third of old stems out.  In three years you will have totally rejuvenated the bush and reduced it in size.  In following years continue to remove the oldest one third stems, thus keeping the shrub under control.

It's had to explain but I hope that helps.

Hi Criss when we moved into our house last year i took 40 cuttings from a huge Hydrangea,i did it not really understanding how to do it correctly at all,i also dug up 4 feet from the left and right side of it leaving only a 2 feet wide stub at almost ground level,as i said it was huge and completely out of control, 6 months later i have 36 really good cuttings to resite and also give away, the original shrub is now one mass of new green healthy growth about 2 feet high just what i wanted, maybe i was lucky but its worked ,they really are tough shrubs,the correct way im told is as Dove says but at the time i didn't know good luck

I appreciate all of your help, Dove that was beautifully explained and Alan you did exactly what I was thinking of doing before all the advice. I think I am now well armed to go forward and garden with confidence. Happy gardening All 


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